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Setting up email:

In Outlook, go to Tools -> Accounts -> Properties -> Servers

Incoming mail

Outgoing mail

Account name

Setting up your phone line system for ADSL:

ADSL uses a different frequency to your phone, hence why you can use both at the same time. These frequencies must be separated:

An inline filter must be used on every device that uses the phone line(e.g. extra phone, fax, eftpos machine, Austar box, etc.).
Like so:

If you do not filter phones and other devices your ADSL will disconnect every time the phone(or other devices) is in use.

To acces your modem router:

Advanced users only !

Since we deal primarily with Billion ADSL modem routers this section applies to Billion modems (but may also be applicable for other brands).

To Access your Billion modem router:
1. Load a browser
2. In the address bar type:
3. The default username='admin' and password='admin'

From here you can change various settings, be very careful changing settings as we will not provide free support if you disable your connection by changing modem settings.

Other issues
(9am to 5pm - Darwin Time):
Call us on (08) 8984 4158
After hours support:
email: info@bushtech.com.au


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